2017. In a flash, it seems 2016 has gone too soon. Yet maybe not soon enough.

From an internal poll amongst friends and colleagues, it seems that they couldn’t have wished for 2016 to be over with. I’m sure Marian Carey would agree as well 🙂

I guess 2016 was just a continuous string of upsets. From the shocking exit of Britain from the EU, to the dismay that we felt for our American counterparts when Donald Trump got elected to president. I mean, for all that Donald Trump stood for (misogyny, racism, bigotry) all of us thought that Clinton would win by a long shot. So imagine the dismay as we trawled websites displaying the vote count and gradually see red eclipsing blue. It was a day to be remembered.

Who knows what will 2017 bring?

I guess I will avail myself to imagine the future in my blog. Stay tuned!!