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This site captures my personal and professional journey in digital marketing, technology evolution and also leadership principles

About Me

Hi, my name is Desmond Teo, a bloke who lives in sunny Singapore. Welcome to my blog!

It is 2017, and I have finally decided to get off my laurels, and stake a claim on my unique space in the cyberverse. It has always been my passion to write, but unfortunately through procrastination and other worldly matters like forging a career and making mistakes, it took me a while to get to writing.

My career has been one but main-stream. It started out in the military service, thankful to scholarship that helped me out with my university studies, and also granted me a wonderful opportunity to work around some of the most advanced flying machines that engineering has ever conjured. It was a wonderful time where I learned the finer points of leadership, managing a team, and also how to steer the team towards achieving results.

As with all career paths go, sometimes things don’t exactly go according to your plan, but according to His plan. I left the military to embark on a new venture in a digital start-up in 2008. I was 28, energetic and full of idealism. And boy what a ride the past 9 years have been.

I have gone from a digital start-up, to driving digital transformation within 2 amazing and wonderful corporate stints, setting up 2 fantastic digital marketing teams, and am now back in a start-up again driving e-commerce marketing for top tier apparel clients.

My interests in life have been honed by these experiences. In this blog, I will be writing about digital marketing, as well as technology changes, of which I have keen interest. Last but not least, having spent life in the past 9 years in the corporate world, leadership and the leading of teams have also aroused an immense curiosity in me, and this is another topic of which I will do a lot of research on.

Thanks for coming to my blog again, and I would definitely appreciate feedback, and like-minded minds for keen professional discussion.




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